Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mom and Pups Rescued and in Need of Foster and Adopters

HUGE FAVOR! Please cross post and network. She and her babies lives are at HIGH RISK of dying. We need a foster home ASAP. While driving around the Heights with Sonya Wilkinson Sellers, a dog stopped in front of the truck and would not move. She was full of milk, so we looked around to see where she came from. That's when we saw the most horrific thing- one very weak pup was covered in more than 30 flies laying eggs and biting her. We found the other 4 pups under a tree. Mama is very sweet and was so skinny. The owner of the property want her and the pups gone ASAP. They called Animal Control and they will be by Friday to pick them up. They don't stand a chance of living, since it will be a OTI. Contact me or Sonya ASAP.

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