Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Uggie Crowned Top Dog at Golden Collar Awards - ABC News

PHOTO: Missi Pyle, James Cromwell and UggieUggie Crowned Top Dog at Golden Collar Awards - ABC News

Much to no one's surprise, Uggie, the beloved Jack Russell terrier that starred in the Oscar-nominated film "The Artist," won best dog at the first ever Golden Collar awards, which were held in Los Angeles Monday night.Dog News Daily, a website that covers famous dogs in Hollywood, organized the awards show to honor the canines' performances in film and television.Celebrity humans and canines alike attended the red-carpet event, which included director Martin Scorsese via video, despite having a previous despute with the awards show over its omission of Blackie, the Doberman from "Hugo."But in a year in which a host of four-legged actors starred in Oscar-nominated films, this was one awards show that went completely to the dogs. Here is a list of the Golden Collar Awards winners.

As expected, Uggie, who starred with actor Jean Dujardin in "The Artist," was awarded the crystal encrusted collar for best dog in a film.Uggie became a darling of the big screen with his role in the silent film, and there are plenty of folks --more than 11,000 on Movieline.com's Facebook page at last count -- who thought he ought to be considered for an Oscar.The proud pooch, who sported a mock tuxedo for the Golden Collar awards, was also nominated for his work as Queenie in "Water for Elephants."His trainer Omar Von Mueller told the Associated Press that he is a "great performer, but he's also a family member." The 10-year-old canine has "mystery shaking syndrome" and will retire after this year.Shown here are Uggie's "Artist" co-stars James Cromwell, Missi Pyle and Beth Grant, who were also at the event."I'm delighted to be here, because I owe my career to a pig," Cromwell said, referring to the 1995 film "Babe" in which he played a farmer.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where to Go for Valentine's Treats

02.11.12 | 08:45 am
Look, guys (and girls): Valentine's Day just isn't that hard.
You don't have to think outside the box or order something like a pajamagram. (Seriously, do not ever order anyone a pajamagram. Unless the message you are sending is "I don't ever want to see you naked again.")
Flowers. Candy. Kisses. Boom. Done.
I'm going to leave you to your own devices on the kissing and I know better than to predict flower preferences, but here's a quick list of where to get some of the best sweet treats in town.

Fluff Bake Bar
Fluff and Fat Cat Creamery are teaming up on a Valentine's Day bake sale to benefit Lucky Dog Rescue, with cupcakes, cookies (including Rebecca Masson's famed fluffernutters) and vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered cherries. Pick-ups are available every day until Feb. 14, but orders must be placed ASAP.